The fight against HIV stigma has been a long and arduous journey. While medical advancements have made significant progress. The social barriers surrounding HIV and AIDS remain a persistent obstacle. Here, art emerges as a powerful weapon, fostering empathy, challenging misconceptions and amplifying the voices of those living with HIV.

The World AIDS Day RED RUN wants to honor this rich tradition of the arts and how artistic expression has helped shape the cultural and political response to HIV, from the pandemic’s origins in 1981 to the present day. 


Since 2019, Positive East commissions an artist to create the official World AIDS Day RED RUN imagery. Through these collaborations, we hope to make a small, but meaningful contribution to the HIV community’s rich artistic archive, while raising awareness of the World AIDS Day RED RUN and its importance amongst the community. 

Filmmaker & Visual Artist

2024 - Saul Pankhurst

Coming soon.

Filmmaker & Visual Artist

2023 - Chiara Ambrosio

Chiara Ambrosio is a London-based filmmaker and visual artist, working across media to explore the ways in which we perceive, remember, and articulate personal and collective histories and a sense of place.

Her work pays witness to that which struggles on the fringes of dominant narratives- communities, landscapes, stories, objects, perceptions, sensibilities- excluded and marginalised for a variety of different reasons but always fundamental to our understanding of what makes us human. Her work includes collaborations with musicians, composers and anthropologists, and has been presented extensively both nationally and internationally at venues such as The Whitechapel Gallery, Anthology Film Archives and La Cinematheque Francaise.

Chiara also produces “Raft”, a monthly radio show on London’s Resonance 104.4 fm radio station, where she embarks on walks across the city with other Londoners, reaping and sowing stories within its streets.

Filmmaker & Visual Artist

2022 - Edd Carr

Edd Carr is an artist from the North York Moors, UK. Adapting photographic processes into moving image – his work depicts our relationship to ecological crisis and the wider nonhuman world. Edd’s moving image work has been exhibited worldwide, including Holland, Australia, Germany, Japan, Korea, the USA, and the UK.

Edd has won multiple awards for his sustainable animation techniques, including the Channel 4 Random Acts Award. He also hand-printed the first 24fps cyanotype music video for Tycho Jones, which was nominated for the UK Music Video Awards 2021, and is a recent resident of Tokyo Arts and Space, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, researching animism in relation to ecological violence.

He is also one of the leaders of the Sustainable Darkroom, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the research, development, and advocacy of eco-friendly alternatives to analogue and digital photography.

Visual Artist

2021 - CozCon

CozCon is an artist and writer based in Los Angeles. Through work that often braids together the languages of pop, queer and black culture, Coz aims to, in the words of Toni Cade Bambarra, “make the revolution irresitable”.

Much of their work is created in collaboration with organizations and nonprofits such as CultureStrike, Forward Together, Sons & Brothers and Planned Parenthood. They have also been featured in publications including Ebony and Vice and have had art commissioned and exhibited by the deYoung Museum of San Francisco.

You can find more of their on instagram @cozcon. To purchase art prints, visit the link below:

Visual Artist

2019 - Fredde Lanka

Fredde Lanka is a gay Swedish proto-bear illustrating smutty, silly comics for the queer gamer generation who don’t read Foucault. A university lecturer and youth worker with his own queer art school in London (Queer Youth Art Collective), Christian moms have warned that Lanka is teaching the children an ‘asses up lifestyle’.

Rich gays who work in marketing are also a fan. Lanka has produced murals and illustrations for Youtube, Google and Conde Nast. A retiring erotic ceramicist, his pots have been sold at Liberty Department Store in London. And Trixie Mattel owns one apparently.

Fred’s visual art style is synonymous with nightlife and drag cabaret scenes in London, Birmingham and Stockholm, capturing the community at its most vibrant and diverse.


He also draws on the porno-politico-surrealism of Keith Haring, the heavy demonic blackwork of Mike Mignola (Hellboy) and the naive, brash comic studies of Nina Hemingsson.